NYC – Quick Post!!

First off, thanks to EVERYONE to the wonderfullness about Sparkle!, good wishes about traveling, awesome comments here and on Facebook, and just being AMAZING. Thank you thank you thank you.

You guys make me smile, you know that right? And I really appreciate it :-D

Quick post. I don’t have enough time right now to put all my pictures in and such, but hopefully later. Sometime. Maybe this evening? hopefully.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE New York, but would never ever want to live here. It’s soooo fun to visit…but I don’t think I could handle all the bustle and stuff.

Not to say that Houston isn’t busy…it definitely is. But it’s different.

Gah, that’s confusing. Well…that whole matter is complicated, haha :-P

We went to Westport, CT, where my mom grew up. Sooo much fun. Took the train, (My VERY FIRST train ride. I ADORE the train now. More than flying. Oooh my goodness, I wish Houston had a train.)

And while we were on the train, my mom had this BRILLIANT idea. “Let’s find a knitting store in Westport!!” So we did, and it was SO STINKING AMAZING. I found a new favorite yarn, it’s the Berroco Borealis. Which I think is sooo cool.

It’s a lot like Noro, but not 100% wool, which is nice. But yeah, they had this vest thing made up, and so I got the yarn and the pattern. Cast on in the train, got to the arm hole shaping by the time we had to get off….finished the whole body that evening. Began to pick up stitches around the neck at night..

and finished it this morning :-) It’s sooo cute.

OH, and I finished Perseverance, and I ADORE that too. Haha, I’m so behind on all these things I have to blog about.

Oh, one thing I DON’T like about NYC?


I am seriously going to DIE.

OH. I was cliche and got a “I *heart* NYC”, but I needed to. It’s worth it. AND I got this sweatshirt. Which is THEBOMB. COM

Ok, horrible picture of me, but that’s not the point. And the hood is up, cause my hair is (is, because I took it 2 mins ago) a TOTAL mess…cause I just got out of the shower. And yeah.

And now I gotta go. Time to slip on that Sparkle! dress and be happy that I made it.


2 thoughts on “NYC – Quick Post!!

  1. Caleb Lagan says:

    Yeah New York City, fun to visit could never live there, must be something about the massive amounts of noise and unequaled expensive prices. Glad your having a fun time, can’t wait to see you in a few days. Oh and I never got to say how cool I thought the sparkle dress was. I just saw the pictures today it looks amazing. Way to persevere through it, I know it wasn’t necessarily the funnest project you’ve made. Yes I said “funnest” dont judge me.

  2. Jenny says:

    Trains are pretty amazing :-)
    and that’s super cool that you were just, “let’s find a yarn store!” and promptly found one :-P

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