New York Countdown: 2

Yeah, I fail at posting at 10:00 PM. Gah.

Oh well, I’m going to do it anyway.

All my stuff, that I’m going to take, is pretty much on my floor right now. Knitting projects lined up. Books, a notebook. My iPod. I’m SO EXCITED.

Haha, this seems to fit the situation.

I’m planning on finishing Perseverance tonight, blocking it (maybe not, but who knows) tonight…and then it’s already for when we leave…reaaaaaally early Wednesday.

Oh, and I said the 27th, when we’d get back. But I didn’t have the right information, and we’re getting back on the 26th :-)

In my carryon, I’m bringing my Featherweight Cardigan, cause I need to work on that :-). And I also wrote down all the important information that I’ll need for knitting projects. The ones I have written down are…


Maude Louise

Green Gables

…and a bunch others. I don’t have time to put them all up right now, cause it’s getting kind of late.

But yes, the trip is getting closer everyday!!! Wheeee!!


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