New York Countdown: 3

Ok, I’m so stinking excited about the next few weeks. It looks like we’ll be staying longer than we expected, because my dad found out he has some work up in that area to do.

So we get more time to do the stuff we wanted to do!

We leave on the 11th, reaaaaally early. The flight leaves at like 6 or something? Or that’s what I heard my dad say anyway. And coming home..the 26th? Looong time.

So, after I’m done writing this, I am going to start on my packing list. And lining up my iPod and stuff. Books, knitting…OH.

We get to go to the Yarn Girl and Purl Bee SoHo yarn stores (and hopefully Creative FIbers *winkwink*)!! *is so extremely excited* *OH my goodness*

I’ve been listening to this song a lot recently. It’s amazing. Like thebomb. com.

Knitting World: Now that Sparkle! is over, I’ve kind of gone crazy with starting new small things with yarn from our stash….heh heh.

Such as these Cafe au Lait mitts. They are ADORABLE. I saw the pattern and HAD to make them.

I’m using Sublime baby cotton kapok DK and size 5 DPNs. They’re sooo easy and quick. I adore them :-)

Perseverance is great!! I’m almost done with my first ball. Which I’m debating whether to keep on knitting and start using my other balls? Or just finish this one. And finish the whole thing. Cause the pattern called for like 350 yards…and Noro Sekku has 460 yards. So, it’s already going to be bigger than the original.

What would you suggest?

Either way, it’s going to be AMAZING.

Oh, and thank you SO much for all your kind comments on Sparkle! You guys are the best :-)


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