Soooo…usually I try and do some yoga after exercising, just to kind of “cool down”…and stuff.

Which I did today! It was wonderful.

But I had a couple of problems…

When I plugged in the DVD…after rolling out my mat, I turned around to find this.


He was perfecting laying-on-the-side plank.

So, I kinda scooted him off. He replied with a growl. Hmph.

I continued on with yoga, and did a couple of moves. When I did the downward facing dog, I found that he had come back…

The weenie.

But I love him anyway. He eventually got tired of his strenuous poses…

I’m continuing on in the Sparkle! dress. All the yarns are tangled up, because of the complexness of it all. And it’s horribly annoying.

Having tangled yarn, while fair isling, WHILE trying to get it done that evening…NOT FUN. “I’m not happy, Bob. Not happy.”

I’m watching Anne of Green Gables, to help the Sparkle! dress be more bearable, and now have this huge urge to visit Canada. I really wanna go.

Or maybe live there for like a year or something. I like cold places…you get good use out of knitted stuff :-P

In Houston, you have to be choosy on what you make, because this adorable woolly, thick sweater isn’t going to fit in the weather. Even in the winter. So sad, but true.

Bundling up, I also like that. I don’t know why exactly, but I find it fun. Oh, and snuggling underneath lots of blankets at night.

Not to say that I don’t like hot weather, I do. I love it. But, I think because Houston doesn’t get very much cold weather, it’s a treat when it comes.

….for some people :-)

(Joey is awesome for letting me use his camera :-). Just btw.)


3 thoughts on “YOGA CAT!!

  1. Peter says:

    Canada’s pretty much awesome, minus the whole Socialism thing. And cold weather is infinitely better than hot weather. =) Especially if you’ve got hot chocolate and a fire. =D

  2. Jenny says:

    Haha who knew cats liked yoga? Seems like your cats have always had a tendency to be lying right where you need to be :-p
    I agree, cold weather is amazing :-)

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