Camp was AMAZING

Definitely had more than an amazingly awesome time. Fo serious.

The speakers were great. The topic was about real masculinity and femininity….it was soooo good.

The music was amazing, as always. Morning and Evening prayers still is and will always be my favorite part :-)

I roomed with awesome people (if you’re reading this, you know who you are :-P), reacquainted myself with old friends, met new friends, and strengthened my friendships with the friends that I see every week.

Oh, and I sang Phantom of the Opera songs AND Wicked songs with my roomies on the last night. Very loudly. And we were that awesome

The ball was so stinking amazing, there was a mix of different kinds of dances…so much fun! We did square dances, contra dances, and 2 “modern” dances…ish. The Bunny Hop and the Cha Cha slide, which was extremely amusing.

The Duck game was played a large amount. Many people who passed by the players on the bridge, moaned and said “No, I don’t want to buy a duck. Never ever ever.”

In the picture above, you can see that the shirt is pretty much full at the top. Well…it’s pretty much full on the bottom too. And the sleeves. It holds so many memories, I love shirts with signatures.

Plus, I rode with amazing people. Got to know people even better than I already had. Had wonderful encounters with Jolly-Ranchers. Will never EVER look at a pillowcase the same ever again. And awesome music was played. The genres ranged from 70’s to Ke$sha to Miley Cyrus. (The Miley Cyrus was a joke….I’m assuming.)

Knitting: What am I up to now?


My Featherweight Cardigan. Slow plodding, because of the size of the yarn and needle, but I can’t wait till it’s done :-) Perfect weight for Houston weather, haha :-P

This…is going to be a surprise for someone very special. But the people who rode in the BUV (:-P) know what it is. And some others as well. When it gets sent and received, I shall post about it :-)

I started Lolly’s new shawl thing “Perseverance

I saw she published it in the evening yesterday, and jumped at the chance to use my Noro Sekku (yes, that’s its name, haha.) finally. I’ve been DYING to get a chance to knit with Sekku…and I’m ADORING it.
Not just because it’s Noro…though this is a main factor why I love it :-P

It’s so stinking soft! Usually Noro yarns aren’t this soft…but it’s sooo nice.

Sekku is 1 ply or Cobweb…and amazing.

If you know me and my feelings towards Noro, you would most likely guess I had the most horrible time trying to decide on what color to get.

Finally chose, after some hard thought, and I’m happy I got the color I did :-)

And no. My Comfort, for my Sparkle! dress has NOT COME. I’m worried. Very worried.

We leave the 11th. And when we get back?

School pretty much starts. Talk about depressing/excitement. Yep. I’m really looking forward to my online classes…but that’s getting onto a whole different subject :-) Maybe later.


One thought on “Camp was AMAZING

  1. Kaley Branstetter says:

    Aww!! Sounds like camp was beyond wonderful! God is great – and it’s such a blessing to be able to spend time just focused on worshipping Him and fellowshiping with friends!!!! (Ooh, Jolly Ranchers! Camp necessity.)

    Oh school. I know how you feel. I’m excited about my classes and such…buut, I don’t want summer to end. Not yet, at least!

    Gorgeous knitting, btw!

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