I Take Leave of Absence.

For a little while.

I am going to camp for the next…three ish days. Be back sometime Thursday. And just wanted to let you guys know.

So you wouldn’t start freaking out why I wasn’t posting. Yeaaaaaah.

Anyway, so yeah. Going to camp, it’s going to be THEBOMB.COM (said with emphasis. Cause it needs it.)

Plus, my more than amazing padre is going as a counselor, which is also THEBOMB.COM.

I get to ride in the car for an extended amount of time with some more than amazing friends. And we are going to re-create (with some additions :-P) the Awesome Row. Some call the Crazy Row, but we are more definitely Awesome. And those who think other wise? Well…

They just wish they were on the Awesome Row too.

Um. Oh, tragdy as struck me. Like BIG TIME. Facebook friends would have seen this..but this needs to be blogged.

Ok. So, not enough yarn for my Sparkle! dress. Seriously. Talk about aggravating??? So, when going to go see Patience, we stop by one of the amazing yarn stores in Houston ( 1. Yarntopia. 2. Yarns 2 Ewe. In that order.) to see if they have a ball of Rowan Comfort.

Do they have any??


I about died. So. later, er..the next day. My marvelous mater ordered a ball. But had a hard time finding some because the color black had been DISCONTINUED. Seriously. I kid you not. Black had been discontinued.

But it was ordered, and it’s all good. Just hope it gets here in time…and I can finally finish it.

The happy ending to the story is that I got to start the Featherweight Cardigan, which I LOVE and ADORE. (Thank you everyone who voted! You were greatly helpful :-D) Pictures later…I’m…well.

I should probably be packing now. But my readers are special. And need one post before I leave. You all should feel verrrrrrry special.

Plinky Question: Something that says describe what you looked like as a teenager. Or something like that.

Well. Seeing as I still am a teenager. Ummm…what I look like now?

Though….my friends (and myself) would say that I am a very *special* person.

…yeah. Heh heh. (That’s my sister. My amazingly awesome sister.) (and yes, I did make the hat I’m wearing.)

So, Question for the Readers:

Going to any camps? Which camps? Love to go to camp? Love traveling with people more than the actual camp part?

Lemme know.


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