Odd Pet Peeve…

This Plinky happened a couple of days ago, but when it popped up, I couldn’t think of anything that was really….weird.

I finally thought of something…

I really…dislike it when you’re tying your shoe…and you see that one lace is longer than the other…

Why this bugs me, I have nooo idea. But it does.

In the two pairs of Converse that I’ve owned….it’s happened. Several times.

Several times, because SOMEONE, I won’t say who, took of my laces as a joke. TWICE.

It was kinda a moment of: “I’m not happy, Bob. Not. Happy.”

Though Converse lacing can be tricky sometimes, they are definitely some of my favorite shoes.

I <3 Converse. And just btw….these (above) are NOT pink. They are RASPBERRY. Just wanted to clear that up ^_^

Oh, speaking of awesome shoes…(Lol, talking about pet peeves can lead to shoes…)

My Toms should arrive today :-) *Major excited/happiness*

OH, annnnd speaking of an awesome person who lets me use his camera for blogging purposes, it's my darling younger brother's birthday today. Turning the ripe old age of 15.

Somehow, this does not make me feel bad…because he's already at least a head and a half taller than I am. So I started accepting it awhile ago.

If I finish the back of my Sparkle! dress today. I will be elated. More than elated. Ecstatic. Rapturous. In transports of delight. Jubilant. euphoric.

You get the idea.

But whether I'll actually do it today, that is a totally different matter :-)


One thought on “Odd Pet Peeve…

  1. Katie Jo says:

    I didn’t think they were Pink when I saw them if that makes you feel better Grace lol

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEY! Join the world of 15 year olds :)

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