Sparkle! Dress…

The Sparkle! dress.

I feel like it’s laughing at me, while I work, that I can’t work on anything else.

And it’s definitely not a pleasant feeling. For a knitter. Gaaaaah. *pulls hair*

Three full sticky notes of row numbers. Lined up. So nice. *grimace*

But, things are going relatively well. It looks nice.

And once it is over. I don’t think I’ll do anything Fair Isle for a LONG time. And I mean long. Really long.

But yes, I’m happy with it. Besides the fact that it’s a horribly long project. *sigh*

Any knitter would tell you that they each have their own way of entertainment while knitting. Some, they listen to books. Some talk to people.

Some people don’t do anything, they just sit there. Which I might find boring after while…especially if the project was like the one I’m working on, or 14 inches of stockinet stitch. That’d be horrible.

But one of our main sources is…

…and many many others :-)

Currently, as I write this, we’re finishing up the new Emma. Very exciting :-)

Now, I’ll go back to slaving away on this silly dress. *twitch*

(P.S. Thank you, Joey, for letting me use your camera. And then stick the card in your computer and put the pictures in my drop box. Greatly appreciated.)

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