Those Wonderful Police Men…


Silly Sparkle! dress. WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME.

As you peoples read before, I finished the front. And am now working on the back. 140 rows of just plain…fair isling. (The front was 168 rows. the back as a “decorative hole”, as I like to call it, on the back)

I am currently on row 44. And wishing I could stop this, and start something new.

But noooo.

This is one of the hardest things that I will have to do…as a knitter.

Refresher ~ Dunno what the Sparkle! dress looks like? Er, what it’s going to look like when it’s finished? See below!

Upon reaching that exciting moment of starting to shape the armholes, my mater and I noticed that it was a tad short. Thankfully, it was really easy to fix.

Just knit another inch, or two…and voila! I just…have to do the same length on the back.

*sigh* which makes it more than 140 rows that I have to do. -.O Blarrrgi, I just realized that.

Knitty just came out with their “Early Fall” edition. You guys have no idea how bad I want to make the…

Coquille Shawl:

Sooo stinking bad. Gaaaaah. Plus, there’s the Featherweight Cardigan AND Quadrat. That skirt I need to finish, Katie’s extremely belated birthday present (as in, her birthday was June 2nd. *cough*) Plus the socks that I want to make.

Speaking of socks…well. That’s a different post. Heh heh.

So, this Sparkle! dress is giving me trouble. Not that it’s tricky, I just want it to be over.

I think I need to stop looking at Ravelry in general. It’s driving me crazy.

Today’s Plinky:
Tell a Story with Dialogue. Your characters: Two cops in Alaska.

Stephan – Police 1
Pablo – Police 2

(names are completely random. Lol. Looool.)

Stephan: Hey. Pablo.
Pablo: *snore* *wiggles* *rubs nose* *settles back down*
Stephan: Paaaablo.
Pablo: *snore*
Stephan: I know. A donut. That’ll wake him up. *Pulls a box of donuts magically from…somewhere*
Pablo: *bolts awake* DONUTS.
Stephan: Pablo. Finally. I heard of this girl. Who is really tired of…knitting this dress. And…we should…
Pablo: Buy her some donuts!!
Stephan: No…good idea though.. But still no. You know how to knit…right?
Pablo: Of course. It’s an Alaskan…uh…I’m not Alaskan.
Stephan: Really. Wow, I didn’t know. Hm.
Pablo: This…isn’t going anywhere.
Stephan: Lets. goo…and help her with this dress. And that way. She…can knit other stuff.
Pablo: Ok! Let’s go!!
Stephan: Ok, great. Any place we need to stop before we head down to Houston? It’ll be a long trip.

Ok. That was absolutely horrible. O.o, pardon me. Yeah.

Blame the dress. It’s made me kinda crazy.


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