“But I know I’m the way I am today because I knew you…”

Time for the Wicked post!!

Aaaah, I don’t think I could begin to describe how amazingly awesome it was.

It was an amazing musical. PLUS we saw it with friends. PLUS I have an amazing brother who was willing to take pictures and then kindly edit them for my usage.

(*see text* Thank you Joey. I love you too.)

“No one mourns the wicked! No one cries ‘they won’t return!’ No one lays a lily on their grave.”

Even though I absolutely adored this musical *before* saw it…I adore it even more now. If that’s even possible.

We went with the wonderful Bartells. And during halftime pictures were taken. In most of them, because of the lighting, we both look like we’re drenched. For some odd reason.

Even though picture-taking in general wasn’t allowed in that theater, there were millions of people taking pictures anyway. With…extremely bright flash.

Before the wonderful performance started, my family and I headed to downtown Houston early, to grab a bite to eat.

We ended up eating at Hard Rock, and it was extremely delish. I hadn’t eaten at one in a uber long time. And our waiter was extremely nice, which is always a plus.

So we finished, and walked out side. Where my parents were trying to decide what to do, while Joey and I had a mini photo shoot. Where pictures like this were taken ~

Yes, those are silly bandz. NO HATING ON SILLY BANDZ.

I’m actually not wearing them now, lol. I had to take them off for ballet yesterday. And haven’t gotten around to putting them back on. Heh heh.

Speaking of ballet, I had my first class since my recital yesterday!


Let’s just say I’m so extremely sore today.

But it was reallllly good! Since I hadn’t gone in a while, I was behind on learning the variations. But I learned both the Lilac Fairy and the Voice Fairy from Sleeping Beauty.

I didn’t really know all that much about the Voice Fairy before, so it was something new and fun :-P

OH. and a quick side note. This is SO happy!!

I finished the front of my Sparkle! dress!!!! Wheeeee!! Soooo soo soo happy.

And that is all :-)


3 thoughts on ““But I know I’m the way I am today because I knew you…”

  1. Katie Jo says:

    This comment is for Joey: You’re probably like the best brother in the world for taking pics for all of Grace’s posts lol I don’t know many *boys* who would do that :P

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