Favorite Quote and Why?

This is totally easy.

“You’re never safe from surprise till you’re dead.” ~ Mrs. Rachel Lynde.

I use this quote at least once a day… it’s so perfect! I know a lot of people who is it a lot too :-P

(Left, Marilla Cuthbert played by Colleen Dewhurst. Right, Rachel Lynde played by Patricia Hamilton. 1985 version)

Any Anne of Green Gables fan would definitely know these people right off the bat. With Mrs. Lynde looking at someone with distaste because they don’t have her opinion. She is also thinking about how she is about to enlighten them.

Another one we use a lot around my house is….

“I’ll be. ‘Em are pigs.” Or just “I’ll be.” This can easily be switched out with the Rachel Lynde quote.


Oh, and I just finished the shaping of the armhole on my Sparkle! dress!!! AAAAh. Finally. Finally finally.

Yaaaaay!! :-)

Pictures and info about Wicked soon :-)


One thought on “Favorite Quote and Why?

  1. Katie Jo says:

    OMG! I just watched those movies like 2 days ago! I get such a kick out of Rachel lol She’s something else. Those movies are some of my all time favorites :)

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