Sunburned Nose! >.<

Some amazing friends came over for the day, and we spent at least 2 hours+ outside in the pool.

Guess what happened?

Yeah, my face is bright pink. And no, I won’t post pictures. Sorry.

It’s a weird feeling…when you crinkle your nose while it’s sunburned. It feels….funny. (Did you crinkle your nose before you read this? If you did, you’re awesome.)

But it’s all good :-) Because I had an amazingly awesome time totally makes up for the sunburnedness.

OH MY GOODNESS. Guess what happens tomorrow????!?!?!?!?!?! (I’m sorry, that was needed.)

I. get to go see WICKED. With Haley!! I am SO stinking excited. OOOOOH my goodness.

I’ve been singing the songs all the time…(mixed in with a little Oklahoma!…heh heh.) Soooo awesome.

But pretty much….mostly all musicals are amazing (with a couple of exceptions. Not all are amazing.) Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, JANE EYRE (oooooh my goodness), Secret Garden, Wicked, Oklahoma!….and many many others are among my favorites

What are some of your favorite musicals? Or ones that you’d love to see (again)?

I’d really like to see Les Miserables and Secret Garden live. But of course, I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing Phantom or Jane Eyre again. Noooo, not at all :-P

I have also seen a recording of a live production of Seussical Jr. and Godspell Jr, with some amazingly awesome people in it. That was pretty stinking amazing too.

*goes to look up other words for “awesome” and “amazing”*

It was marvelous. Oooh yeah.

If you could be in any musical, what would it be and why? Because you love the music or the character? Or just for the sake of being *that* character and being in a *marvelous* musical.

Yeah, I think musicals are pretty much Or :-P


2 thoughts on “Sunburned Nose! >.<

  1. kaleygrace says:

    Yaay swimming! *dislikes sunburns* My back…is completely sunburned right now. Not fun!

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! SO exciting!! Wicked is so amazing…you both are going to L O V E it!

    Oh how I adore musicals <3 They are simply fantastic ;)

    Hmm..that's hard! I think if I could be in any musical, I would have to say Beauty and the Beast. Belle is my dream role. Definitely :) I love the music – it's just so fun…but really, there are other musicals I like the music better! So, I guess it's just the overall story, and the whole brunette disney princess thing, that I like :)

    My Fair Lady would also be a lot of fun…

    • Grace says:

      Ooooo!! I had totally forgotten about Beauty and the Beast! Belle would be totally *perfect* for you! You’d be amaaazing :-D

      Yeah! Mr Fair Lady would be a lot of fun too :-P

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