Most Awkward Moment at School..?

Today’s Plinky, was “What was the most awkward moment in school, but write it in third person”.

Well, it wasn’t worded *quite* the same, but that was the jist.

I shall begin with the third personness.

Grace thought about this challenge. Thinking to herself, she thought “Hmmm. What’s the most awkward thing that’s happened between my mom, myself, and Joey, my little brother?” Grace could not think of anything.

Finding the box of thought, and deciding to think outside of this box of thought, Grace came up with an idea. Not exactly *in* the school room, but it’s always awkward, and it has to do with school.

Grace says: “When people find out your homeschooled, ask what grade you’re in, and you have no answer.”

Grace thinks that was badly worded, so she shall try to explain in a better way.

Homeschooling, usually everyone is in different grades in everything. This school year, Grace will be certain grades in certain subjects (Grace has no idea which ones go with which grades :-P)

So, when asked the question of “What grade are you in?” by a curious person who knows almost nothing about homeschooling, and wouldn’t understand the grading…it is sometimes difficult to explain…which grades you’re in.

Grace thinks she’s rambling? She just nodded her head. Grace has also discovered how hard it is to explain something in the third person…? Er, harder than she thought. It’s apparently easier in first person.

It’s annoying when people don’t understand (and end up thinking you’re insane) when you try to explain what grade you’re in. When you’re homeschooled.

— End third personness —

O.o, that was strange. Anyway, on a HAPPY note.

Don’t I have the most beautiful and amazing friends ever? I love Kaley(on the left). I love Haley(on the right).

This, is one of Haley’s AMAZING pictures. She takes pictures, and turns them into magic. Kinda. Beautifulness :-)

And many many MANY other people.

The end :-)


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