I have pictures!!

Thank you to my wonderful brother, Joey, who kindly edited them for me. And let me use his camera :-)

My dress! I absolutely adore the pattern that we found. We walked into Joann’s one day, and I saw this dress already made up in front. And I needed a big sewing project anyway…


Hard Working Hands

My mom walked me through all the steps, she's the BEST teacher EVER

Mmmmhmm :-) My mom is the best. I love my fabric too, it’s absolutely ADORABLE.

It’ll be cute with white, green, any blue….lots of stuff! It’d be really cute with TOMS, if I ever get a pair :-P

While we slaved away, our plate of cookies

Yum yum yum!


slowly went down in number.

We needed to keep up our strength, right?



Bertie came along and lent a hand. Being soooo helpful and all that stuff.
*roll* *roll* *roll*

But Bertie got tired of his helpfulness, and decided to withdraw to the back of the couch.

*nap* *yay*

I have pictures of my mom’s Sunrise-Sunset socks! (Every time I type that out, I always think of Fiddler on the Roof, haha.)

Tada! I’m really happy with them :-).

I also have a Sparkle! dress picture! Just one. And it’s…not fancy or anything. But nevertheless, it is a picture.

So yes, those are my promised pictures. *bows*


5 thoughts on “I have pictures!!

  1. Hannah says:

    a few things i’d like to say-
    first off, I’m totally jealous that you can sew. My sister promised she’d teach me, but hasn’t gotten around to actually doing it.
    the cookies look delish, can I have some?
    your cat is sooooo cute! But mines cuter :P
    the socks are sweet, and I’m loving the dress (don’t ever stop knitting!)
    and that last picture of the rose in your hair is just plain sweet.
    and now I’m done.

    • Grace says:

      Lol, it’s not hard at all! I’m definitely not the best at it. But I’m learning :-)
      Danka! Of course, knitters get even more than non-knitters :-P
      Lol….maaaybe. But I think not :-P
      Danka! (I see….a pattern, lol.) And danka again! Lol, don’t worry. I won’t.
      Danka! (the pattern broke, lol) Forever 21. For 1.50. Booyah.
      Thaaank you for your comment, I loved reading it :-D

  2. Helga/QallieQ says:

    wow-she sews too?
    wow chicky you are crafty-

    those socks are so cute, and I love love love the headband.
    Glad I finally got around to checking out your new blog- I will be back!!

    • Grace says:

      Haha, thank you!! Yes, but barely. But this is definitely a work in progress :-P

      Thank you for coming and commenting! I love reading your blog :-)

  3. kaleygrace says:

    AH! A *dress*?! So exciting! The fabric looks too adorable for words…can’t wait to see the finished result! I really, really want to try and sew a dress sometime…!

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