Dream Vacation?

Plinky day numero duos.

I dunno, but it would contain a lot of yarn store stops. Most definitely.


Noro Sock yarn. How much better could it get?

I’d love to go pretty much anywhere in the world. Maybe there are a couple of places that I wouldn’t so much like to go, but that’d take some thought.

I really enjoy learning about other cultures and languages. There’s something about that stuff that fascinates me.

Close friends would accompany me. And we would have the time of our lives. Each one having a particular thing in mind…and we’d all caravan around doing those things!

Along with the knitting stores, I’d just love to be with my friends for an extended amount of time. To me, that’d be the perfect vacation.

Oh, and book stores. Those are important too.

Any place in particular?

Off the top of my head, lemme see….

Russia would be fun. China would be fun. Anywhere in the UK would be fun. Canada would be fun too…

Think about it. Somewhere….in England, or Ireland. And it’s cold, and rainy. And there’s a knitting store handy to just pop in and be swallowed up by all the yarn. It’d smell soooo good! *bliss*

Malabrigo. Some of the best smelling yarn EVER.

One of my mater’s goals this summer is to increase my sewing skilz. And so she is. I’m making a dress currently, and we worked a lot on the top this…afternoon. Ish.

I did take some pictures, but they aren’t on my computer…and they aren’t formatted correctly yet. Oh well.

I got pictures of the Sunrise-Sunset socks! But they are also in the same state as the other pictures.

Pictures of my Sparkle! dress were also taken. But can you guess? Yeah, they aren’t ready yet.


(Thank you Google for my lack of available images! Ah, where would we be without Google?)

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