Hallo WordPress!

Why did I switch??

Blogger got kind of old, temper-mental, and cantankerous. Pretty much all the (knitting, heh heh) blogs I read use WordPress, and I love the look of it. Plus, I’ve heard nothing but good things about WordPress. So I did it.

Currently, I’ve been working on that Sparkle! dress non-stop. Well, for the past couple of days anyway. I *have* to have it done before…sometime in August.

The good thing is, is that I’m almost to shaping the arm hole on the front. Which…could get kind of tricky, but at least I’m getting somewhere…instead of just changing needle sizes every 56 or whatever rows.

Then comes the back, and it has one of those…decorative holes in the back. The dress is so stinking adorable!!

Adorable or not, I think it might be a squeak to get it all finished and stuff. Hopefully. Hopefully, hopefully.

Nothing is on my sock needles, surprisingly. Now that my mom’s socks are finished…they’re free! I’d like to try some kind of sock that has a pattern to it, or something.

I’ve only done socks that are completely plain. I did one sock with the double moss stitch, but it ended up too big. I’ll probably frog it later.

After much research, I think I’ve decided upon Aphrodite …but I’m not sure. What do you guys think?

I need something small…for the trip to NY. Something I can throw in my purse, pick up easily, and stop in a random place, if I have to. Oh well, I’ll think about that later. I already have too many knitting projects going right now >.<. *sigh*, the life of a knitter. Lol.

My stomach just growled. I think it must be time for dinner :-)

May you never run out of stitch markers and may your stash always be overflowing!


3 thoughts on “Hallo WordPress!

  1. Alyssa says:

    I’ve been considering moving to a different blog name, since sometimes I feel like my name is hard to spell/remember/etc. I live blogger way too much though – surprisingly, it’s way easier for me to view blogger posts on my phone than wordpress ones.

    • Grace says:

      I’ve noticed that too, on my mom’s iPhone. It doesn’t load as well. Oooh well, I’m not really writing from the phone most of the time anyway :-) Thanks for the comment!! :-)

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