One Book I Could Read Over and Over

I got this question from Plinky this morning.

What is Plinky?

Something that WordPress came up with. One of the most brilliant things for bloggers, I think. Anyway. It’s something that gives a new topic every day, and you look it up…then answer or debate or whatever on your blog! Or whatever you’re using Plinky for (who knows, maybe notes of Facebook. I dunno.)

My major goal is to be blogging at least every other day, every day….something like that. And haven’t got quite into the habit of it yet. So, bear with me.

Today’s Plinky Question is…

“What book could you read over and over?”

The easy and obvious answer is the Bible, but that’s really simple. So I’ll do something else. Hmmmm…

There are so many books that I absolutely adore *glances around at bookshelves trying to find the right one* I think..

Anything by L.M. Montgomery.

L.M. Montgomery

Thanks Wiki for the picture!

Though I’ve heard her stuff called (by a lot of people) very…detailed, and annoying, I still love her with a passion. There’s always something new to see. You can read it once…and then a year later, come back, read it again, and you either don’t see what you saw before, see something completely different, or you can take what you saw, remember it, and use it in the story.

Plus, for me, her stories are really easy to get into or relate to. I dunno. That’s most likely just me. Though I do know a couple of other L.M Montgomery enthusiasts out there. You know who you are..(TEDDY *swoon*)

My favorite series of her’s are…(of course) the Anne books. And the Emily books. I ADORE the Emily books. Oh my stinking goodness. There are many others of Montgomery’s that I’ve seen, but have not read.

What are your favorite books by this amazing author?

Whoops, the title doesn’t really fit anymore. I didn’t really list *one* in particular. But seriously. Is there *anyone* who can say what their most absolute favorite book in the WHOLE WORLD (besides the Bible. This is a given :-D)

I think I’m that way sometimes. Then I think about it…and millions of other things from other books refresh themselves in my mind, and then I lose the feeling of knowing my favorite book of all time. I don’t think I’ll ever figure it out, lol.

I’ve always wanted to go to Canada…

ANYWAYS, I’m sorry that was so ramblingness. Knitting wise, anything new from yesterday? Not really. I’m almost to the last needle size change (to a size 5) then I do 36 more rows, then comes the armhole shaping! Wheee! I’m excited. most definitely.


3 thoughts on “One Book I Could Read Over and Over

  1. Katie Jo says:

    I’ve never read anything thing by her actually (*braces herself to get yelled at as to why not*) but if I could read one book over and over again it would be The Hobbit :) I never get tired of that one. And if I had to choose a series to read over and over again it would the the Elsie Dinsmore books. All 12 of them. I’ve read that series atleast 10 times and never get tired of it. Martha Finley’s writing is absolutely amazing. You can relate with ever character to an extent, you’re living in the story. Its also a great moral tale. God is very much at the center of it. I have VERY few books to compare to it with as far as how deep I get into the story with it. With those books I was *there*. And that is how I determine a good book :) (You posed a very hard question because usually there are several books everybody loves a lot lol)

  2. kaleygrace says:

    AGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! I LOVE L.M. MONTGOMERY!!!! *pants* (Oh my goodness. Teeeeddy….<3 <3!)
    Yes. Anyhoo. I'm sad how few people know about her…cause she ROCKS! Yes! I love the same things about her books :)

    I'd have to say my favorite is…ok, *favorites* are,"Rilla of Ingleside", "Emily's Quest" and, of course, "Anne of Green Gables." But really all of them fabulous.

    I love your new blog!! And, your posts! And YOU! :)

    (That *is* a really hard question…but you answered it well! Plinky is cool!)

  3. Jenny says:

    A nice thing to think about. It’s so heart warming to sit down and re-read a beloved book. There’s such a nice pleasure to rediscovering lost facts within the pages. I love that we have the ability to forget the details, and remember the meaning, so that the details can bring us joy again. I love books.

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