Austin Hoodie ~
(My commentary: It’s kinda hard to see it…on this picture. Check out the other pictures around it. I LOVE THIS COLOR. And I have never made a hoodie before. It’d be fun. And I think this is seamless. All the more to love!)

Dayflower Cami ~
(My commentary: Obviously, something underneath it. Loooove it!!)

Featherweight Cardigan ~
(My commentary: EEEE! I stinking love this one. PLUS, it’s knit in a lace weight! Which means…I could try out Noro’s new lace weight yarn! EEEE NORO! Plus, it’s seamless as well.)

Lotus Blossom Tank ~
(My commentary: Preeetty awesome!)

3-Hour Vintage Sweater ~
(My commentary: I really don’t like this one done up. I LOVE the pattern, but I hate this color…and like the shaping isn’t very nice. But, it was the only one I could find with a flicker for all the non-ravelry people. The other ones are ADORABLE.)

Marnie’s Cecchetti ~
(My commentary: Sooo cute! It is seamed though. But I could get over that part :-P)

Roko’s Bulgaria ~
(My Commentary: I STINKING WANT TO MAKE THIS. GAH. Gaaaaah.)

Quadrat ~
(My commentary: Aaaaaah. Soooo cute!!)

Mary Jane/ Elizabeth Bennet ~
(My commentary: It’s actually called Mary Jane, but I saw Elizabeth Bennet was one that someone had changed the name. And I like that a whole lot better :-P Perfect for my Mr. Darcy! lol.)

Owls ~
(My commentary: You’ve seen this once, and you’ll see it again! I LOVE THIS PATTERN. Not so great for the summer..Eeh. )

Catnip Bunnies ~
(My commentary: Ok. Not these. Lol. But they’re so adorable, I had to show them to you guys.)

Smock Top ~
(My commentary: There’s another one in a really pretty aqua, but sadly…no Flicker :-(. )

Evening Shell ~
(My Commentary: I
(My commentary: Not this color. And definitely not with that skirt, lol. But still adorable!)

Ballet Sweater ~
(My commentary: *heart* *heart* *heart*)

Cobblestone for Her ~
(My commentary: Once again, another amazing winter/fall sweater. Not so hot for spring/summer. Blarg.)


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