Pardon my lack of posting…

School has been a little more than hectic lately.

School ends in like a month ish. And sooo…everything needs to either be finished soon OR be getting relatively close to being finished. Got a paper due on Friday. Got another one due next Friday. Biiiig papers. Well, maybe not like…ginormous papers, but they’re a big deal for me. Cause there’s a lot of research, putting it all together, making sure all it sounds ok, and all that stuff.
But yeah. School is almost over, which is extremely happy. Summer is ALMOST HERE. Seriously. And we all know what summer means….
  1. Friends, friends, and MORE FRIENDS
  2. Lots and lots of music.
  3. Lots of the above two mixed together
  4. Dancing. Lots and lots of it.
  5. Extractions of wisdom teeth (not so happy about that one…>.<)
  6. reaaaaading.
  7. KNITTING. Of course. But this is a given (….urg. Too many proofs in geometry.)
  8. Friiiiends!!!
  9. Singing, acting workshop/camp thing.
  10. Summer Sanctus….!!!!
  11. Late nights with friends and without.
  12. My stinking awesome family
  13. the pool.
  14. Kniiiiiitting.
  15. Hopefully I’ll get that blanket done…
…What blanket? I didn’t say anything about a blanket. I am…relatively ADD when it comes to knitting projects. Especially when I’m doing something big (like that skirt…heh heh) and I see something small ish. I HAVE TO START IT. So yeah. I’m doing…well, I’m not really sure what it’s called. Many people call it many different things. The main ones I’ve seen are “BlankieMania”, “SockBlankie”, and “Sock Ya
rn Blanket”. I prefer SockBlankie, because…it’s cute. Sooo, I’m making SockBlankie! I dunno how I found it…but apparently a while ago it was really popular, and everyone was doing it…etc. So yeah! I started it. Don’t have any recent pictures. But I’m on my…technically third row. Hopefully I’ll have my awesome brother take some amazing pictures…and I can post those.
That skirt…*see below* is kind of on hold…cause I’ve got…uh…SockBlankie fever! Yes, that was dorky AND cheesy, so it’s ok to laugh. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Ha. Yeah. O.o Sorry…heh heh.
I think my only…problem about the blanket…is that I’m slowly beginning to realize that nope, most likely won’t have enough scrap yarn to make it the size I want it. Thought I was amazing…”I have a ton of sock yarn left overs saved up!” Yep, that’s not really happening. I still have a lot right now…but after a while it’s the same old color ways I’ve done before. Nothing terribly new and exciting. But yeah. Whatever happens, like I might have to get more sock yarn (Which I am TOOOOTALLY game for :-P), it’ll be awesome…
Oh, and my other MAIN problem?
Keeping it away from the cats. Urg. All my knitted stuff, if left out goes straight to the “Oooo, yarn. It smells like you. I need to mark this. *rubrubrubrubrub*. Oooo cat hair. Seeee meeee! I’m so adorable. Heeeee! *Mr. Bingley smi
le*” (I was refering to the new Pride & Prejudice’s Mr. Bingley. Not the old one. The old one ROCKS MY SOCKS.) Yeah, that would be a cat’s….life.
Current count? Sorry, I haven’t been keeping this up to date very well. heh heh. Like I said, school pretty much takes lives. Seriously.
Anyway, stitch count :-P
*drumroll please*
Oh, and my new favorite song? (The one before this was “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train. Yeah, I pretty much *heart* that. I really dislike it that Blogger doesn’t let me do the

Anyway, favorite song…”Smile” by Uncle Kracker. Pretty much love that stinking song. Thaaaaank you for Kaley for telling me about it!!! I heart it soooo much now.
And….that just gave me an idea..Ooooo. Hmmmm, have to think about it.
So yeah, hope you enjoyed that…rant ish thing, cause I really enjoyed being scatter brained. Blogging is so much fun. Until you either have no time, or have nothing to blog about. Then it’s not as fun. But right now, it’s fun :-)
I LOVE comments and stuff. Thank you readers! You guys are awesome :-)
(And her cat, Bertie. He’s right here. Right now. About to walk on the keyboard..ajsoiaweoiuw45lkkjsdfalsdl vndf, alasdn .df,n……………


Yeah. That was him :-)
May your stash be everlasting and may you never run out of stitch markers :-)

6 thoughts on “Pardon my lack of posting…

  1. Katie Jo says:

    I can't wait for summer either Grace. I pretty much have the same #'s as you have lol Except the Dancing part, unless you call dancing to my music "dancing" lol I meant I don't do Ballet. I have to get my OTHER 2 wisdom teeth out this summer too. :( As if the bottom's weren't bad enough, now the tops. ARGH. I did like falling asleep though before they took them out :) It was sooooo relaxing. Yep, cat's can be annoying like that. My cat would always rub up against my yarn, except I crochet not knit :P But you gotta love cats! XD

  2. -- margaret says:

    This made me laugh. :) Especially the part about Bertie. Oh, and when you listed all the things you are looking forward to about summer, I got really excited. :)

  3. mushbrain says:

    What?! you don't get out of school for a month? how sad. next week's my last week. hallelujah! ;-)wisdom teeth…. scary. have your brother record you preop. ;-)

  4. Kaley Grace says:

    SUMMERSUMMERSUMMERSUMMERSUMMER!!! :)I love you, Mrs. Noro! And Smile…is just about the best song EVER. (And I love Hey, Soul Sister as well…ahhh, music!)I'm sure the sock blankie will lovely to snuggle/drink tea in next winter!

  5. Ellie Snider says:

    Ok, so I really love that blanket! I think it looks awesome. You have to post pictures of it when it's done so we can all admire it's prettyness.YES! SUMMER. I really could not be more excited about it. Soooo many amazing things are happening this summer.Umm, I don't remember listening to that song. I'll have to do that! It must be really, really amazing to take the place of soul sister =D

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