Spring is here!

At last! Houston’s winter was long and hard. But I was totally ok with that because there was always a perfect opportunity to wear a knitted object :-P

Of course, with Spring here, it means waking up in the morning with a stopped up nose and itchy eyes. Stinking allergies. Everything is covered in a light dusting (though some places, it’s a lot heavier, lol.) of pollen. Bright yellow pollen. Joy. It’s fun going someplace…with a clean car. Then coming back it’s covered in pollen. Epicness, that.
I had a wonderful Easter weekend, my sister came home for the weekend, I ate at amazing places with family, I became a fan of yoga (Lululemon FTW!!) (I absolutely love their…moto thing…”Dance, sing, floss, and travel”. Yep. I also love parenthesis, lol.) ate amazing Crave Cupcakes, watched movies, knit a lot, ate a lot of chocolate (lol), and the most important thing was celebrating Christ rising from the dead. Yeah, my Easter weekend was pretty much stinking awesome.
After a brilliant find on Ravelry, I am now competing…er not really *competing* but more like participating in the NaKnitMo 2010 – One Million Stitches! I’m really excited, I didn’t really consider that counting stitches was…really possible, unless you had a ton of time…and just wanted to find out. But I was wrong! Since I’m starting late, I took all the projects I had knit since January, looked at the patterns, and used those numbers to calculate my number.
Which is….
230,187! Booyah.
Most of this consists of this blanket I had going on the side for forever (but just recently finished it, thanks to the Olympics :-P), and my Drape Front Cardigan. I knew both had a lot of stitches, but not as many as came up :-)
Anyway :-)
Here’s a timeline just for interest, and my future reference, lol.
4 – 7 – 10 ~ 208,315
4 – 8 – 10 ~ 209, 915
4 – 11 – 10 ~ 230, 187
I’m thinking, that if I end up reaching the goal before the year is up….I’ll up it or something. Dunno how much, but it’ll be something.


This is what I’ll be knitting next! After the DFC (drape front cardigan) is done. I’m uber excited, never done a skirt before. I absolutely ADORE this pattern. The Shetland Trader, a knitting blog I like to read, this lady designed it. I saw it on her blog, and was like “AAAAH” sadly, the pattern was in a book (which I now have), and couldn’t get it anywhere. Thankfully the situation has changed, and life is awesome :-)
Pattern: Soft Linen Single Gore (SLSG, SingGore, whatever. Huh, I kinda like SingGore…)
Size: Small (27 1/2″)
Yarn: Rowan Cotton Glace (shade: 746 “Nightshade”)
Needle: U.S. 6 (4.o mm)
How much: 10 balls (1250.0 yards)
Haven’t cast it on yet, cause I want to get my DFC done. Only got 14 more days to get it done before the month is up! Hope I can get it done :-)
So you guys have a good week, may your stash be everlasting, and may you never run out of stitch markers. :-)
Grace }|{


3 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. Kaley Grace says:

    Your Easter sounded simply amazing. And those cupcakes make me really really hungry. Mmmm!O.OO.O O.O O.O O.O O.OTHAT is a LOT of STICHES.GO YOOOOU!! (I think you should go for the world record, or something. You would so win!)

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