Aaaah, the joys of knitting

I finished my Abalone! Er, well, I need to thread in the ends and block the bottom…so I don’t look like a pumpkin from behind. We really don’t want that, lol. And so, I’ve started the Allegoro Drape Front, which I am enjoying extremely. I’ve heard that it takes forever to make, one person did it in a month. So, you might have guessed, I’m trying to do it in less than a month. If I’ll be able to do it or not, I’m not sure. But oh well…we’ll just have to wait and see :-)

My yarn is the stuff it calls for, Allegoro.
Color way: #5620. or Skydiver (which I was greatly amused to find out :-P)
Yardage: 152 (139 meters)
Gauge: 6.0 = 1 inch
Needle: size 5 (3.57mm)
Fibers: 70% Organic Cotton and 30% Linen
It’s in the background, btw. This is the pattern. What knitters would do without sticky-notes, I have noooo idea. I prefer sticky-notes to a row counter…just because I can cross stuff off and see whats coming next.
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Like any normal knitter, I have multiple mini projects going on during the big project. Socks are perfect. Beanies are good too, but socks are my favorite. Plus, if you have Noro Sock yarn, things are just too fun.

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I’ve been reading a lot lately. These are some of my favorite books. There are many others, but that picture would be like a whole wall full of books. Another book series that I absolutely love, are the Emily of New Moon books. Stinking love those, end of story. L.M. Montgomery will always be one of my favorite authors. Where would we be without sticky-notes, P. G Wodehouse, or J. R. R Tolkien? I mean, seriously.

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This book is evil. End of story. (below)

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I made this beanie with the extra yarn from my Abalone. Earlier I had gotten a packet of buttons from Joann’s. And so…after finishing this beanie, I wanted to add something to it, to make it special. Bingo! My buttons :-) I really like it! Only problem is that it takes forever to sew on all these buttons. Oh well, the end product is happy :-)

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While knitting, I love to listen to stuff. Especially musicals and audiobooks. Musicals, because they’re just so stinking awesome. And audiobooks…because they’re so stinking awesome AND it’s like reading a book…while knitting…but much easier, lol. You don’t have to hold open a book, and try and follow a lace pattern at the same time. You can just bask in the wonderfulness of the narrator (especially if the narrator is British. Then it’s even more awesome :-P).
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My favorite musicals, and the only ones I have on my iPod are…

(in no particular order, I love them all)
Phantom of the Opera
Les Miserables
Jane Eyre
Secret Garden
and…I think that’s it.
Anyway. I really recommend all of these. Definitely the Broadway version of Phantom of the Opera. Most definitely. And…the 10th Anniversary version of Les Mis. I can’t get enough of Philip Quast. Whether he’s singing Lily’s Eyes (from Secret Garden. Btw, he’s the one with the really curly hair.) or singing Stars (from Les Miserables)
Anyway, music in general is a huge part of my knitting…life. Yep, without music life would be horribly dull. Don’t you think?
Thank you for the comments notes, and subscriptions! Really like to see what people have to say about what I write :-)
Happy Easter everyone!!
Grace }|{
P.S. Thanks to Joey for ALL of his major help. The layout, taking the pictures, editing the pictures, being an awesome brother in general :-)

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