I *heart* Abalone

Picture time! Thanks to Joey for the pictures and fixing them up so they have that uber spiffy logo.

So yeah! Been knitting knitting knitting. I really love this pattern! Really easy, quick knit, easy to carry around, and the end result will be adorable.
Plus, I LOVE my yarn. It’s soooo soft. Which is pretty amazing, considering that it’s completely man-made. It’s 50% Super Fine Nylon and 50% Super Fine Acrylic. No cotton. No wool.

(below) This is it! Er, this *was* it. This was taken at like…6:45? Maybe? Something like that, and now I’m casting off that sleeve that’s on the needles. Then all that’s left is the rim around the whole..neckline thing.

Another good thing about this project….is that I learned two new things! Always love learning new things…especially when it comes to knitting :-P
I perfected my Kitchener’s Stitch, which is now my favorite way to “secretly seam” things. That’s my new term for the Kitchener’s Stitch, 3 Needle Bind-off, and any other way to put things together so it *looks* like there’s no seams..but there really is.
(Seaming, I find, is really annoying. Mine always ends up really loose and open. So if possible, I like to stay away from it. Seamless knits are UUHMAZING)
I also learned the I-Cord Bind-off. What is an I-Cord, you ask? The real name. Is…*drumroll please* Idiot Cord! Seriously, no joke. They call it this because it’s so easy….that even idiots can do it :-P
This picture (below) is an example of the iCord (it’s the same thing I was talking about above…but I think it’s more funny to do it this way, heehee) bind-off. I really like the way it turned out, it’s a nice smooth and rounded edge. If I can do it on future projects, I will totally do so.
And this is what I have so far! Thank you so much for your comments and subscriptions! I really appreciate all of those! And I love to see new ones! Tell me what you’re knitting or thinking about knitting! If you have any suggestion patterns, I’m open :-P Hopefully I’ll be done with this by Friday.
Thanks again everyone! Remember to tell your friends! Knitters and non-knitters :-)
Grace }|{

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