My First Ever Knitting Blog

Hello Blogging world! You have met me before, but not in this…certain situation.

Recently I was motivated to create a knitting blog. One that I could post on my Ravelry, and on my Facebook, and everyone could see it, etc. And so…here I am!
Right now the graphics absolutely stink, thanks to one of the default Blogger layouts. Thankfully, I have a most wonderful brother, (here is his YouTube channel he shares with a friend, they’re uber awesome!!) who is skilled with the camera and computer. And he’s done amazing things in the past, so I’m relying on him :-)
So, on to the knitting part of my brand-new-out-there blog.
This is what I’m working on currently: Abalone
Yarn: Berroco Comfort (9786) (chocolate)
How much?: 2.7 skeins = 567.0 yards (518.5m)
Needle: 9 / 5.5mm
I’ve been knitting on it since the…17th. But I don’t have any acceptable pictures…yet. That’ll hopefully change.
*hopes that everyone is still reading this and hasn’t close it already*
If you have any friends who you think will be or are interested in knitting or whatever, SEND THEM THIS LINK (it’s the link to this blog) Tell them about me. Hopefully they’ll come and subscribe, comment, and whatever.
And since I am still in school, I won’t be posting as much, seeing as school takes higher priority over knitting (alas, but it is true).
If any of you have any suggestions about how I could make things better or more interesting/funny/awesome POST IN THE COMMENTS.
And yeah. Let’s hope this blog isn’t a flunk, lol.

Grace }|{

P.S. DON’T FORGET TO SHARE THIS LINK (link to blog) with all your friends! Knitters or non-knitters, it doesn’t matter. Thanks a bunch guys!!
P.P. S ~ Thank you, Mr. Callihan for the awesome name :-P

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