Spirited Away became a Brickless


I started something with my Spirited Away skein from Gynx Yarns, I got a couple weeks ago d^_^b


I picked Brickless by Martina Behm . Its perfect (as are all her patterns!) for variegated yarn.

Ever since Brickless came out, I really wanted to make one. Didn’t know what yarn I wanted to use, and didn’t really have the time to devote to finding the perfect skein, haha! But after a little thought about what to make with my Gynx skein, it became obvious what it needed to be.

So, either this past Thursday or Friday, I cast it on. Took the plunge and jumped on the knitterly band-wagon. I can’t say no to that knitterly band-wagon. Its just gotta happen.

This was the knitting that I brought with me on the RUF (Reformed University Fellowship!) Fall Conference that happened over the weekend. Best mindless knitting ever! The colors were (and still are!) making it continually interesting, then the different textures in the pattern. It was not boring, but simple enough to work on during the four messages that were given while we were there.

Going to Fall Conference was kind of a last minute decision, but holy cow, I’m so glad I went! It was so amazing! Lots of friends, chatting, hanging around, listening to really amazing and encouraging messages, worship with several RUF groups from other Texas colleges, knitting (obviously d^_^b) and just wonderfulness. Oh, and an epic dance party combined with the A&M vs Ole’Miss game, which led to a (rather stressful, haha!) win for us Aggies, which then led celebrating in all the traditional Aggie ways.

It was epic. I’m so glad I went – I can’t wait for Summer Conference and next year’s Fall Conference ;-P

Hat-A-Long Hat #1: Snowdrift

Its October! What?! That means that Christmas knitting is well underway… or it *should* be, haha!

I haven’t started.

Which is kind of setting myself to frantically race against the clock (like always. I always seem to do that, haha!) to get something done before midnight of December 24th. That not working out, so I stay up till the wee hours of the morning of December 25th finishing and wrapping items. Then often times giving gifts still on the needles.

But its the thought that counts, right? Right!

What I’m hoping will help me is the Hat-A-Long KAL that Diane of the Knitabulls Podcast is doing (I know I’ve said this before, but her podcast is one of the bestest out there! Go watch it!!)

As of today, I’ve knit four hats. One of them is secret knitting, so I can’t show you guys just yet. But this is something to make knocking out Christmas knitting a little easier ;-P

Here’s hat #1! (these aren’t in any particular order, haha!)


This is Snowdrift by Alex Tinsley ! I’ve had this pattern for about 2 years, but never got around to knitting it. Why, I don’t know… its one of the best patterns ever! And I’m about to tell you why…

1) It uses up stash yarn super easily. Bam, there goes that languishing 100yds you had lying around. Bye bye!

2) its knit on size 10.5 needles. And on a 16″ cable, it goes even more quickly.

3) the yarn is pretty adaptable… but using the bulky like it recommends. it’s just the best.

4) if you put reasons 2 and 3 together, you get some pretty speedy knitting! I knit this hat in about 3.5 hours. Yep, that’s it. Cast it on during a class, left it… worked on it the whole car ride back to Houston (which is about an hour and 45 minutes ish) then did the last two decrease rows later that night. BAM!


If you’re looking for super quick knit… you need to knit this.

I used a little bit of my left over cake from my Long Sands cardigan. Its Cascade Eco Wool in the Gun Metal color.

More of my finished hats coming d^_^b

Moving forward with Betiko

School is crazy! And I haven’t been feeling super passionate about what I’ve been working on recently… but that is going to change! My knitting mojo will return soon, I’m sure :-)

I’ve also gotten really behind on my tv shows, haha. Project Runway being one of them… and I had heard that there was some crazy drama going on, and I really needed to see it. So, I finally caught up last night! Except for the one that aired this past Thursday, then I’ll be caught up :-P

So, while catching up, I decided to take a break from the MKAL project and work a little bit on my Betiko!


I brought this with me to campus on Friday to try and knock out those 22″ inches of the striped strip thing… haha! And booyah! I accomplished those 22″ inches. Therefore, I got to start on the body!


My goodness, it was confusing getting started. But! After about 10 minutes analyzing the instructions (or recipe thing) and slowly figured out what needed to be done, haha.

After figuring it out, it was perfectly simple, haha! My super confusion was probably due to the fact that it was 1:30am and watching super intense and dramatic Project Runway episodes and wasn’t giving 100% of my attention to what I was doing :-P

The pattern, once figured out, makes perfect sense and its such an awesome way to go!

Its extremely customizable! You could do pretty much anything you wanted to that fit in the stitch count, haha! I didn’t want to do a particular stitch pattern, I was really interested in making one that is like the top picture on Lee Meredith’s website. But I’m positive that whatever kind of pattern or striping put into this recipe would produce something absolutely amazing!

Cranberry Muffins

A couple weeks ago, I was gifted a cook book of muffins from an extremely sweet friend (Hi, Erin! ^_^)! Haha, upon opening it, I was super excited, there were multiple ones I wanted to try out right then and there. I narrowed it down to one… went downstairs, determined I was going to make some muffins. And realized we didn’t have any flour at the time, haha.

Which is kind of imperative for muffins. And a lot of things, haha.

But, I eventually got flour, so the muffins could be made!


I chose the cranberry muffins… which the recipe had you sprinkle parmesan on top before sticking them in the oven, for a more savory muffin; but you could switch it would with sugar. So, I went with sugar (because we didn’t have any parmesan ;-P) and hooooly cow, they were so tasty!

I also threw in some nutmeg and cinnamon, and it gave it a really nice fall-ish flavor (because fall can be a flavor? haha!) Also, I didn’t have the kind of cranberries it called for, so I just used craisins ^_^


Super easy, super fast and super tasty! The book is called “Muffins: Tantalizing recipes for delicious muffins” from the Love Food series.

If you ever feel the need to just stop whatever you’re doing and make something (particularly muffins, cookies, or brownies) seize the moment! Stop, if you can, and just make something tasty. It makes things super happy ^_^

FO!: The Bubbles Slouch Hat

I finished a hat last week, but haven’t had time to sit down and take nice FO pictures :-P


The Slouchy Bubbles Hat by knitshep

I saw one that Julie (Phoebejeebes99 on twitter :-P) posted on Instagram, and I decided that I HAD to make it, at some point… didn’t matter when. Just had to be made, haha.


So, I did! Later, when we visited my sister and brother-in-law in Dallas for the weekend and we stopped by her LYS (The Shabby Sheep) and I got two skeins of Berroco’s Flicker in the Siegfried colorway.


The yarn is super super soft – I really want to get more and make a cowl. Cause its gorgeous! And its got some sparkle d^_^b

The pattern was a bit fiddly though – if you’re new to cables, I wouldn’t suggest this as a beginning pattern. It can be a bit tricky keeping track of.


It can be worn lots of different ways, haha. Its fun to experiment :-P

I’m thinking about putting a pompom on the end… but I haven’t quite decided yet :-P


My wooly preparations for the cold continue on… and they shall continue to continue on. Because its just too much fun ^_^

Also, Diane of the Knitabulls podcast is doing a “Hatalong” during October. Which of course, I’m going to do, haha! So, I’m saving up the hats I want to now for later… d^_^b

Rosemary Cardigan ups and downs

Before leaving home, one of the things that was really sad for my mom and I was that we couldn’t knit together anymore! That was one of the things we both really loved doing together (haha, which is why we both learned together 7 years ago.. crazy how time flies!) whether we’re watching/listening podcasts, listening to audiobooks, watching a movie or a tv show or just chatting… that time would be gone!

So, we decided to have our own little KAL ^_^ Haha, and I’m sure this is the first one of what will be many :-P

We picked the Rosemary Cardigan by Cassie Castillo from the Fall 2013 issue of Knitscene. Both of us want to make almost everything out of that issue, haha. Absolutely adorable items, with really popular styles, colors, and textiles!


Both of us have gotten pretty far, my mom is actually ahead of me, haha! She’s had a bit more knitting time than I have ;-P Both of us loved the one in the magazine that we got the same color and yarn that was in the pictures. Its Cascade 220 Heathers in the Liberty Heather color ^_^

But, I have a sad story with a really happy ending about this cardigan, haha!

So, this is what I’ve been taking with me to school to knit on during lectures, since its just back and forth with a couple decreases and increases. No problem! After about a week of working on the body, I was finally ready to divide for the fronts and the back, wooo! I did that early this morning (like 6:45, haha) while waiting for the bus. Got to school, found out my French class had been canceled (which doesn’t have any affect on the knitting, haha. But it was part of my day yesterday ;-P) headed to my Shakespeare class with the goal of finishing one of the fronts and maybe starting the second one.

That goal was totally accomplished! Almost smashed out of the park! When I finished the first front, with about 30 minutes of the lecture left, I thought “Hm… this seems a bit big… oh well. No worries. On to the second front!” Picked up the live stitches, went on my merry way. Got about halfway through the second front before class ended.

Stuck around on campus for a little bit, then headed home! Since I’ve been on top of all my assignments, I decided to dedicate my afternoon to blogging/knitting/reading/napping/happy things. So, I lay out my Rosemary cardigan on the floor to take pictures. Annnnd noticed something funny about it.

One side *was* a bit bigger than the other. Counted the stitched I had cast on. Looked at what the pattern said. And for some really stupid reason, I cast on *10 more stitches* than the pattern called for. I must have been really zoned out, haha. Anyway, I freaked out, texted my mom a picture and was like “I have to frog it *weeps*”

Then I tweeted about it… and Amanda of the OwlPrintPanda blog and etsy shop (her stitch markers are the best, I love mine!!) tweeted back and was like “Couldn’t it be a slightly baggy sweater?”

I got this tweet while I was taking a nap (which ended up being one of the best naps ever. I’m always amused by how naps and sleep become especially more precious during school, haha!), and when I read it.. I thought “You know.. I actually haven’t liked tried it on yet… Lets do that. Maybe it would be cute slightly baggy!”


After trying to figure out a way to pin/clip it to myself, I found (to my great delight!) That Amanda’s suggestion was brilliant and it was adorable the way it was! Though it looks a little balloony right now, the ribbing keeps folding up. A little blocking will fix that :-)


I ended up using three hair clips and one bobby pin (yep, I was quite surprised it worked, haha!) to attach it in order to take the pictures.

That was a bit long story, haha! But its now a part of the sweater, haha!

So, moral of the story: when you find out you have to frog something or re-do something drastic… consult your knitterly friends first! They’ll see it with a different eye and might be able to come up with a way to get around your problem without having to do the painful process of frogging ;-P


Its been so busy! Lots of school stuff, figuring things out, all that jazz. Its complicated!

But, I’ve figured out when I can knit and when I can’t, in regards to my classes. Which is basically all of them, except my French 3 class (too busy writing and listening, haha!) and my Oceanography lab.

In my Geography, Shakespeare, and Oceanography lecture.. I can knit ^_^

So, heres what I’ve been working on!


This is Betiko by Lee Meredith of leethalknits

When I saw the top picture, the light brown, the noro, and the dark brown.. it was so inspiring! Since then, I had been studying it every so often, showed it to my mom, and she got hooked too :-P

It looks so snuggly… when mine is finished, I can’t wait to be able to bundle up in it, when it gets cold, while walking across campus :-P


I actually haven’t brought this to school yet to work on.. because I’m not 100% sure I’m doing it right… plus I have two colors. But I’m hoping it becomes more obvious what I’m supposed to be doing.. or something, haha!

Has anyone made one? If you have, and have any tips or just what you did, I’d be really interested to know! I think I’m doing it right, haha! But this is more of “Its okay, just do what the pattern says, though you may not understand it… and it’ll end up perfectly. The pattern knows what its doing” than knowing whats going on and whats going to happen next, haha!

Oh well… I’ll get there, eventually, haha!

FO!: Long Sands Cardigan!


I love finishing something. Its one of the best feelings ever!

This is my Long Sands Cardigan by Amy Christoffers (Who is one of my favoritest designers ever!)


I was gifted this pattern by the extremely sweet Mel of the Single-Handed Knits podcast a couple weeks ago… and I so excited to cast it on ^_^


(lets just ignore the fact that my head is kind of chopped off, haha!)
My yarn is Cascade’s Ecological Wool in the Tarnish colorway.


And for serious… this is my new favorite cardigan. Its one of the most snuggliest things ever, and I can’t wait till it gets colder when I get to wear it all the time ^_^

Plus, it went super quickly… I’d definitely knit another one! Maybe in cream or a light grey…

Finished Yarn: Rose Tyler


I am *this* close to finishing the second sleeve of my Long Sands Cardigan. I took that picture yesterday, but then knit on it all day… so, I’m actually just about to start the cap decreases.

I hope to finish it tonight, and get it blocking so I can start seaming it up… its so squishy and I just want to wear it d^_^b

Theres also been a lot of spinning going on, woooot!


I’m quite proud of this… I picked a random braid in my stash (this is quite old stash, haha. Probably almost two years) and started to spin it in the early evening. And finished all 4oz (singles + plying) by the time I went to bed (which was like 11:30).

This is from Woolen Mills St. Yarns, and the colorway name (which was Doctor Who inspired, which was probably why I got it… and the fact that I love purple, haha!) is called Rose Tyler.

Which I can totally see the connection! At the same time, I got another braid from Woolen Mills St. Yarns (which I haven’t spun yet) that was inspired by Alice and Wonderland… and its blue, black, a little grey, and white. I can’t wait to start that one!

In the mean time, I have something else on my wheel ;-P

I entered Diane of the Knitabulls podcast (seriously, one of the best video podcasts out there – Diane always makes my mom and I smile. She’s one of the sweetest people EVER) She was having a spin-along during the Tour of some Into the Whirled fiber, inspired by Lavinia from Downton Abbey. I finished that yarn (and I looooove it) and entered it… and got randomly drawn to win something! Waaaat!

So, my package arrived yesterday and I immediately started to spin it :-P I was silly and didn’t get a before picture… why I didn’t think to do that. I must have been too excited, haha!

Its one of her batts (which I’ve never spun from a batt like this before… yay for new experiences!) it’s 85/15 Polwarth/silk in the Rhinebeck colorway… Which I think is just super awesome… I’ve never been to Rhinebeck (hope to someday! :-P) and it was so nice of her and Diane to be giving away one of the special Rhinebeck colorways.


Heres what I have so far…


And theres what I have left to do!

I began spinning it, with the intention of doing a 2-ply… but I was looking at the gradient… and I couldn’t split it up! So, I’ll be Navajo plying it instead… once I finish with the yellow/green bit, I’ll start with the blue side of the other half, so when I get to the plying part… it’ll match up. Or, at least I hope it will, haha! I might end up making two skeins… we’ll see :-P

FO!: Handspun Norie

My goodness, things have been busy! But busy with good things! And lots of awesome things have happened as a result of being busy… so its all good d^_^b

One of these things, was that I had my NSC (New Student Conference) at A&M last Thursday+Friday… which is where we got kind of oriented and registered for my classes! Yessss!!!

And of course, I brought a long my knitting… I can’t bear to sit still for long periods of time (or any time at all, haha!) without knitting or doing anything with my hands. I had two goals for the two days.

1) I was going start and finish Norie (a hat pattern by Gudrun Johnston) the first day.

2) I was going to at least start, and get some progress on a pair of socks knit with some A&M yarn that my bosses (who are some of the sweetest people ever) gifted me.


Tada!! I got my first goal done! In one day! BAM! Haha, if you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram, you probably saw my progress through out the day :-P

I don’t think I’ve mentioned my yarn before… I finished it pretty shortly before we left, and I didn’t get the time to write a post about it :-P

But this was the last braid that I got from before the Tour de Fleece from Daybreak Dyeworks (which now I have to decide which of Dawn’s new colors I’m going to get… ohhh, the trials of a spinner ;-P)


(Bertie couldn’t restrain himself and just *had* to be in the picture… he just *had* to.)
The colorway name is Dance Fever, and its some of the softest most vibrant things *ever*!


When I started to spin it, I had a hat in mind.. so I was super excited to find out that I had gotten what I wanted/needed – a DK weight with a ton of yardage (404yds in total… I used about 200ish for the hat)

Once again, its a fractal spun 2 ply ;-P Haha, I don’t see the pattern of fractal spinning will be changing any time soon.. its so much fun!

So, as soon has I finished it and got it niddy-noddied up, I threw it in a bath so I could get it ready in time in order to knit Norie while walking around campus and sitting and listening to people talk about financial aid.

It actually didn’t dry in time.. but I set it in front of a fan, and that fixed things real quick d^_^b


I am super duper happy with how the hat turned out… I followed CatReading’s mods by excluding the Cat’s Paw lace sections and just putting in plain stockinette instead. Also, because I was using size US6s instead of US5s, I didn’t do as many repeats before starting the decreases.


In my rush to get everything ready to go, I forgot DPNs, haha! And my tape measure (which Sarah of Knit York City replied to my tweet of despair with a recommended measuring tape app, haha. Thanks, Sarah!) So that was a huge bummer… thankfully, I was able to squeak by at the end with two circulars (I have a 10″ circular I carry around in my notions bag… super handy, haha!)


The hat can be worn so many different ways, and its really long… but not too long to look goofy, haha! And its the perfect pattern for handspun :-P

I’m definitely going to be making more of these… I foresee many Nories being made for Christmas presents d^_^b