That knitting procrastination…

My Featherweight Cardigan is about 95% done!


I’m soooo close to being done. I’ve even woven in all the ends. Its completely done. Except the collar. Which I still have around 2″ left to knit.

The cause of this procrastination is pretty obvious. There are a couple reasons… One of them being school, getting back into the swing of things. The other one being that I cast on Tea with Jam and Bread which hijacked my time (I mean, it went so quickly! It was knitter’s gratification heaven! You can’t blame me! Why knit an inch on something on US4 needles, when you can whip out half sweater on US8 in the same amount of time? Note: thats an exaggeration. But you get the idea.)

But after I finish Bolt, my bring-along-to-class/large group project, my Featherweight will take its place.

I’ve gotten a lot done on Bolt over the past couple of days. I’m on the home stretch now… all it is right now is decreasing a stitch every couple rows for a long time. I really like the shape of it… I think the whole boomerang shape will be really easy to wear and keep on.

Haha, it seems like no matter what I always encounter knitting procrastination of some sort on all my projects. Whether it has to do with weaving in ends, knitting the last little bit on a sleeve, seaming things together, blocking it, ooor knitting those last 2″ of the collar.

Its so easy to get distracted by new patterns and new yarns. Also old patterns with old yarn. Or whatever shows up, if its knitting related… its easy to get distracted by it :-P

Yarntopia: The Adventure of a Summer

So, I had an internship this summer! I was blessed by the opportunity to be able to do it at my LYS (local yarn store), Yarntopia! My major (international studies) requires an internship (and a study abroad, whoop!) at some point. So, by working at Yarntopia, I was able to fufill that requirement *and* get 3 hours of credit for it. (Which brings my summer total up to a whopping 9 credit hours. #summerschool)


You might know that I’ve worked at Yarntopia before, but it was a bit more casual. I was teaching a bit, and would work a day here or there whenever I was needed. But I didn’t come in on a regular basis, I wasn’t around all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes in a yarn store. But this summer… I got to experience everything. Or, close to everything, haha.

My boss, and the owner of Yarntopia, Sheryl, is one of the sweetest and kindest women I know. She enabled me to gain a larger understanding as to what really goes on in a yarn store – the ups and the downs. To me, this was the experience of a lifetime. This is what I ultimately want to do (but who knows what God will bring my way in the future) and to be able to kind of experience everything before finding things out on my own, was amazing.


Throughout the weeks that I was there, I was able to meet so many amazing people and get to know the ones I already knew even better. It was so much fun to see some of the ladies walk in through out the summer and have a growing friendship with them! Whether I was helping to fix a knitting mistake, teach a class, find the perfect yarn for a project, or just knitting and laughing with them, I was always having a blast. Which makes the whole experience even cooler – in addition to earning college credit, learning about the business, being surrounded by yarn, I was having a blast. I had so much fun just listening to everyone laugh and enjoy themselves while I piddled around or sitting and knitting. I had so much fun with everyone! But especially Sheryl, we got to spend a lot of time together just being in the store.





I had so much fun and I learned so much. Yarntopia definitely made my summer amazing and I’m going to miss it and the wonderful Yarntopia community.

Tea with Jam and Bread

Back on August 17th, I cast on a new sweater. Because I really wanted to. Not because I needed to. Definitely not because I didn’t have anything else to knit. The startitis was super bad, so I succumbed to it.

So, I cast on Tea with Jam and Bread by Heidi Kirrmaier! (Can we take a moment for the awesome name?)


Its been an insanely fast knit, which I love and adore. Makes me feel better about casting on a sweater/pullover/jumper/thing despite the fact that I have so many other projects to finish. But thats okay, because its going quickly ^_^


I was able to finish the body last night, while watching the first three episodes of North and South (Mr. Thornton, yo. Mr. Thornton.) and got to try it on for the first time. Which was amazing.


Its super slouchy and comfy. Definitely a snuggling up type pullover.


I also love the fact that it has pockets! And really nice, non-complicated pockets. Some of the pockets I’ve done in the past, they ended up being the most complicated thing of the sweater (which was completely my own fault and inexperience – not the patterns I was using!) but this one, it was super simple and logical.


I’m having a wee bit of trouble with the ribbing on the bottom flipping up… But I think with a little bit of spray blocking, it might go away.


The sleeves still need to be knit and the pocket linings need to be sewn down… but I don’t think either one of those things should take too long! I’m planning on making the sleeves a little bit longer, so I can pull them over my hands. Maybe might add a thumb hole in there, haven’t decided yet, haha! Who knows!

I’m using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed, which is perfect for the college student’s budget, haha. The grey is Dove Heather, the brown is Reindeer Heather, and the black is Wellies Heather (which I may have based the whole pullover around the black, because I love the name of it too much. #knitterknerd #lovethewellies)


Love the tweedy-ness of it. Its my favorite. I’m looking forward to finishing it and also the colder months when I’ll need to wear it. That’ll be super exciting ^_^